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The ski jumps of Vorokhta 08.12.2023  ·  Ski holiday

The ski jumps of Vorokhta

The development of tourist and sports infrastructure in Vorokhta began in 1894 when a railroad was laid here. The peak of the village as a resort and a center for some winter sports occurred between the two World Wars, at a time when the area... More

The famous ski resort Bukovel 31.10.2023  ·  Ski holiday

The famous ski resort Bukovel

The modern ski resort Bukovel is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine, because it is a world-class tourist complex. Bukovel does not stop working even in summer. In winter, it is a huge ski resort, which attracts people not only from all over... More

Viaduct in Vorokhta 24.10.2023  ·  Architecture

Viaduct in Vorokhta

The viaduct in Vorokhta is a railway stone arch bridge across the Prut River in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in the village of Vorokhta (if you drive along the highway, the distance from our Chillax hotel to it will be 18 kilometers, and if you go... More

Animal enclosure farm in Yaremche 29.09.2023  ·  Natural objects

Animal enclosure farm in Yaremche

The Carpathian National Nature Park’s animal enclosure farm is located on the southwest outskirts of the town of Yaremche. It occupies a significant area (5.3 hectares) divided into several zones where you can see many different animals and... More

Dinosaur park 02.08.2023  ·  Entertainment for children and adults

Dinosaur park

If you stay at our guest house “Chillax” in the village of Yablunytsia, you won’t miss the chance to visit DinoPark (Dinosaur Park), located in the village of Polianytsia (near the Bukovel ski resort) – it’s just ten... More

Rafting on the Prut river 29.06.2023  ·  Entertainment for children and adults

Rafting on the Prut river

Summer vacation in the Carpathian Mountains offers a multitude of diverse opportunities. You can explore various natural, historical, and ethnographic attractions, climb mountain peaks, hike through forests and meadows, gather mushrooms and... More

Elephant rock 04.05.2023  ·  Natural objects

Elephant rock

The Elephant Rock is located in the Gorgany mountain range on the western slopes of Mount Makovytsia (height – 984 meters). It is situated on the Prut River to the east of the central part of Yaremche in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. According... More

Probiy waterfall 28.02.2023  ·  Water resources

Probiy waterfall

Cascade waterfall Probiy (its other name is Yaremche waterfall) is located within the city of Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region, on the territory of the Carpathian National Natural Park. This unique waterfall seems to “break through” the... More

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