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Where to go and what to see?

Travel to the Carpathians and discover many amazing tourist locations! Explore majestic mountain peaks, conquer waterfalls with stunning panoramic views and swim in crystal clear lakes. Visit Carpathian villages, where you will learn about folk traditions and culture. Enjoy the atmosphere of medieval castles and historical fortresses. Explore unique reserves and national parks where fantastic natural landscapes await you. The Carpathians have places for everyone who craves exciting and memorable adventures!

Carpathians – nature and adrenaline: an intense holiday for adventure lovers

You can have an eventful and interesting vacation in the Carpathians by following a few tips:

  1. Travel to different places: explore different areas of the Carpathians – plan routes through mountains, lakes, Carpathian villages and attractions.
  2. Activities: take advantage of outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain trekking, horse riding or mountain river rafting.
  3. Attending cultural events: learn more about local culture and traditions by visiting folk festivals, fairs and museums.
  4. Delicious Carpathian cuisine: try traditional Carpathian dishes and drinks such as banosh, borscht, dumplings and mead.
  5. Well-deserved relaxation: enjoy spa treatments and hot springs to unwind after an active day.
  6. Photo session against the backdrop of natural beauty: grab your camera or smartphone and capture the amazing landscapes to preserve the memories of your holiday in the Carpathians.
  7. Interact with the locals: meet the locals, learn their stories and traditions – this will make your holiday even more memorable.
  8. Don’t forget about safety: plan your activities in advance, follow safety rules, especially if you go to the mountains or engage in extreme sports.

If you visit the Carpathians in winter, do not miss the opportunities for skiing:

  1. A winter paradise for skiers: if you visit the Carpathians in winter, be sure to try skiing or snowboarding. The resort of Bukovel, Yablunytsya, Slavskoye, Dragobrat, Migovo, Pylypets, Vorokhta, Play, Yaremche, Krasiya and other ski centers will provide you with excellent slopes of varying difficulty.
  2. Lessons with a pro: if you’re new to skiing, don’t be afraid to use an instructor. Professional trainers will help you master skiing and enjoy the slopes safely.
  3. Skiing under the stars: don’t miss out on an evening of skiing or snowboarding under the stars. Many resorts offer night skiing, which will add a romantic touch to your vacation.
  4. Sledding and snowmobiling: sledding and snowmobiling are also popular in the Carpathians. These are wonderful ways to diversify your holiday and experience the pleasure of winter activities.
  5. Hot chocolate by the fireplace: after an active day of skiing, enjoy the warmth and comfort of the fireplace while sipping hot chocolate or other delicious drinks.
  6. Ski safaris: explore the beauty of the Carpathians on skis by taking part in ski safaris – unique excursions along ski routes.
  7. Family ski adventure: spend your winter holidays with your family at the ski resorts. Skiing is a wonderful activity for the whole family that will strengthen your family bonds.

Skiing activities in the Carpathians will add new vivid impressions to your vacation, making it even more exciting and eventful. By following these tips, you can make your vacation in the Carpathians eventful, interesting and unforgettable!