As you know, the Carpathians are the most ecologically clean region in all of Ukraine, it is a corner of pristine nature, where the perfect air and friendly, kind people. A family vacation in the Carpathians – is an ideal option that allows you to combine a quiet pastime, contemplation of mountain peaks and active rest.

Rest in the Carpathians: where is it better to go?

In the Carpathians, everything is good in its own way! But the most famous place here is the tourist complex (also known as the ski resort) Bukovel. Everything here is wonderful and organized at the level of the best world standards! There are only two drawbacks that confuse some vacationers: in the immediate vicinity of Bukovel, increased prices for housing and food, as well as too noisy and crowded due to the large number of people at any time of the year.

Therefore, experienced and thrifty vacationers prefer to rent accommodation at some distance from the resort, for example, in the high-mountainous village of Yablunytsya, located just 15 kilometers from the famous resort. In fact, Yablunytsya itself is considered a resort (and not only a ski resort, but also a climatic one), only less famous than Bukovel, because there are fewer “cool” entertainments, but the prices for food and rental housing are noticeably lower.

Benefits of a family vacation in Yablunytsya

  1. Yablunytsya is located quite high in the mountains (almost a kilometer above sea level), while being reliably protected from strong winds from all directions by the nearby mountain heights. The air here is crystal clear; in winter, as a rule, it is not too cold, and in summer it is not too hot; around – majestic mountains and protected forests; always very quiet and calm.
  2. Near the village there are 6 ski slopes of various difficulty levels, designed for beginners and intermediate athletes. Therefore, for skiing children on alpine skiing, you can choose a suitable track, and experienced instructors are always ready to help them (and, if necessary, their parents too) master the basics of alpine skiing. For a change, you can also go sledging or snowboarding. The necessary sports equipment and ski equipment of any size, if desired, of course, can be rented.
  3. In the summertime, you can go hiking with the whole family, admiring the beautiful local landscapes; climb mountains; wander through the meadows, enjoying the wonderful aromas of Carpathian herbs and flowers; to collect ecological berries and mushrooms in the forest; go fishing to the lake, where you will surely catch a huge trout (for your money – any whim!); arrange a family picnic in nature; play various games or just sunbathe in the sun. You can also ride bicycles, ATVs, horses or ponies.
  4. Not far from Yablunytsya is Polonyna Pertsy – the Carpathian version of Disneyland. Regardless of the season, we advise you to definitely go (or go) there. It will be especially interesting for children – it will be a real holiday for them. At the old Hutsul hut you will be greeted by hospitable hosts and folk musicians. Walking along the alleys and paths laid along the meadow; rest on fresh hay; workshops on local folk crafts; acquaintance with Hutsul life and culture; exciting games and attractions, delicious local food and drinks – all this will undoubtedly delight all family members!
  5. It is not a problem to go to Bukovel – if you do not have your own car, the staff of the Chillax Hotel will arrange a transfer for you there for a very reasonable fee. There you can visit the longest trolls in Ukraine. From extreme entertainment, you can also recommend visiting the rope extreme park, jumping from the 28-meter Adrenaline tower, riding a bike on the cable car, located at a 30-meter height above Lake Molodosti.
  6. And if you just want to relax and unwind, then visit the huge VODA Club complex located on the shores of this lake. Everyone will surely like it there: both parents and children! In general, all the entertainment in the Bukovel complex is difficult to list – come and see everything for yourself!

The Carpathians are waiting for you! Come and you will only regret that you have never been here before!