Located in the heart of Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian Carpathians are a place of stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Since ancient times, locals have been telling a variety of stories about heroes and villains, about love and betrayal, about magic and secrets. In the legends of the Ukrainian Carpathians, there are mighty mountain spirits and mischievous forest dwellers, as well as brave knights and clever cunning people. If you want to learn more about these fascinating legends and retellings, keep reading!

Legends of the Carpathian Mountains


Legend of Mount Hoverla

According to this legend, Mount Hoverla was formed by two giants who fought and threw boulders at each other. The blocks of stone became a mountain, and the giants turned into stone statues, which can still be seen on the mountain.


The legend of the three sisters

This legend tells of three sisters who were cursed and turned into stones. The stones can still be seen today in the mountains of Western Ukraine, and people believe that if you touch the stones, you will be lucky.

Легенда про дочку коваля

The legend of the blacksmith’s daughter

This legend tells of a blacksmith’s daughter who was so beautiful that she attracted the attention of the devil. The blacksmith made an agreement with the devil to save his daughter, and the devil agreed to let her go if the blacksmith guessed his name. In the end, the blacksmith guessed the name of the devil and saved his daughter.

Легенда про водяних німф

The legend of the water nymphs

According to this legend, water nymphs live in the rivers and lakes of Western Ukraine. The nymphs are said to be beautiful and can lure men into the water to drown them.

Легенда про білі тумани

The legend of the white mists

According to this legend, white mists can be seen rising from the forests of the Carpathians at dawn and dusk. It is believed that these mists create forest spirits that come out to dance and play. If you watch the mists carefully, you will be able to see spirit figures as they dance.

Легенда про дівчину, що плаче

The legend of the crying girl

This legend tells of a young girl who died of a broken heart. She was in love with a guy who was forced to leave the village to fight in the war. The girl waited for him to return, but he never returned. In the end, the girl died and at night in the village you can hear the cry of her ghost.

Легенда про золоту підкову

The legend of the golden horseshoe

According to this legend, a golden horseshoe was lost in the forests of the Carpathians. It is said that a horseshoe brings good luck to those who find it. Over the years, many have searched for the horseshoe, but it has never been found.

Легенда про білого оленя

The legend of the white deer

According to this legend, a beautiful white deer roamed the forests of the Carpathians. It is said that the deer is enchanted and everyone who sees it will be happy.

Легенда про озеро Синевир

The legend about lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr is the largest lake in the Ukrainian Carpathians. According to the retellings, Lake Synevyr was created by the tears of a shepherd who lost his beloved sheep.

Легенда про музей писанки

Legend of the pysanka museum

The Pysanka museum is the world’s only museum of Easter eggs or Easter painting in the city of Kolomyia, opened on October 26, 1987, as they say, it is guarded by a powerful spirit that can bring happiness to visitors.

Легенда про гори Ґорґани

The legend of the Gorgan mountains

It is said that the mountains of Gorgan are inhabited by a race of half-humans, half-animals who guard the secrets of the mountains.

Легенда про річку Черемош

The legend about the Cheremosh river

According to legend, the Cheremosh River is named after a beautiful girl who was turned into a river by a jealous lover.

Легенда про гуцульський дзвін

The legend of the Hutsul bell

The Hutsul bell is considered a powerful amulet that can protect the owner from trouble and bring success.

These are just some of the many unusual legends and stories told in Western Ukraine. Each story reflects the unique culture and history of the region and complements the rich folklore tradition of Ukraine. Regardless of whether you are a resident of the Carpathians or just a lover of folklore and mythology, the legends of this region will surely captivate you. Take the time to explore the tales of the Ukrainian Carpathians and discover the magic and wonders of this truly magical place.

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