Built in the traditional Hutsul style, the wooden temple complex of St. Basil the Great is located at a distance of just over a kilometer from our Chillax hotel. The buildings included in the complex fit perfectly into the stunningly beautiful surrounding landscape – all this together represents an idyllic picture that opens from the road that cuts along the village of Yablunytsya.

The complex consists of a five-domed log church, a three-tiered bell tower, a plebanium (a priest’s estate with a three-story house), a bow cross in front of the main entrance, and a well with consecrated water. This St. Basil Orthodox Church in Yablunytsya is much more than just a place of worship. It is not only an integral part of the most beautiful Carpathian landscape, but also a symbol of spiritual life.

Even if you are an atheist, you should still visit this unique temple with masterpiece paintings and iconostasis created by local talented architects and artists in the early 90s of the last century – shortly after the proclamation of Ukraine’s Independence. And if you are a believer, then God himself ordered you to visit this Shrine, so to speak.

It is worth noting that this church was consecrated in honor of St. Basil the Great, who since ancient times has been one of the most revered Saints among Orthodox Christians, including in our country. Probably, not all of our compatriots know that he is especially revered in Greece. Being an example of a good shepherd who cares for the poor, sick and orphans, sensitive to other people’s troubles and protecting his community, he became the prototype of the Greek Santa Claus.

It is from St. Basil that children in Greece receive gifts for the New Year! Take note of this – let you have another reason to pamper your (and others too) children with New Year’s gifts. As they say: more gifts – good and different 😀

By the way, St. Basil’s Memorial Day is celebrated on January 14 – the day that we in Ukraine usually call the Old New Year. The celebrations begin on the so-called Generous Evening – January 13th. On this evening, it is customary to set a rich table with generous kutya and roasted pig, invite guests, ask for forgiveness for the offenses caused. Children and young people go around farmsteads with carols and schedrovkas.

January 14 is popularly called Vasily’s Day (in the old days it was also called Ovsen, Tausen, Bausen). After the festive liturgy in the church, people traditionally exchange congratulations, meet with relatives and good friends (at least you can call and congratulate). The boys go from house to house to “sow” grains, the guys send matchmakers.

If you live these days in our guest house “Chillax”, we promise – you will have everything, as it should be with us in the Hutsul region: a plentiful feast with kutya and roasted pig, and carols with schedrovka, and “sowing”. Well, you can make an offer to your beloved (unless, of course, you managed to do it earlier) 😀

Basil the Great – Ecumenical saint and teacher, they pray to him at the entrance to a new house, asking for protection from evil people. If you open a new business, the Saint will help in the work, and you will definitely achieve your goals. Since ancient times, he has been considered the patron of gardens and orchards, to whom they pray for the gift of a generous harvest. Basil the Great is also known as the patron saint of musicians. So, if you are a musician, then ask the Saint, and he will definitely help in your work – you just need to have a pure soul and play only good music, and not just anything 😀

Come and visit us in Yablunytsya, check into our Chillax hotel and be sure to visit the Church of St. Basil the Great 😀

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Yablunytsya, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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