Mount Khomyak (height – 1542 meters), located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, belongs to the Gorgany mountain range and is one of the most famous mountains of the Ukrainian Carpathians. From our hotel “Chillax” the distance to this mountain is just over 9 kilometers. Mount Khomyak received its name due to the similarity of the outline of the ridge with the back of the rodent of the same name. It consists of sandstones, and its slopes are separated by tributaries of the Prut river. The top of the mountain is covered with stones, the middle part is covered with mountain valleys and crooked forests, and the lower part is covered with coniferous and mixed forest.

Below, near the mountain, you need to be careful: despite the relatively low altitude, the area near the mountain is considered an avalanche-hazardous area. There are a total of five routes to this mountain. Depending on the chosen route and the speed of ascent/descent, the travel time can be from 4 to 6 hours. The easiest, and, accordingly, the most popular route is the one that starts along the Tatariv – Bukovel highway.

In general, all routes are classified as easy, and therefore are accessible to almost all healthy people of any age, from schoolchildren to retirees. There are markers on all routes, so you can only get lost or deviate from the intended course if you are extremely inattentive.

Climbing Mount Khomyak is basically a leisurely walk along a forest serpentine road. The forest path will occasionally be interrupted by mountain streams and stones heavily covered with moss. But the last 1/5 of the way is the most difficult. The change in altitude becomes more abrupt, and therefore you have to literally “climb” to the mountain peak along a narrow rocky path passing between juniper thickets.

At the foot of the mountain there is a meadow (valley) of Khomyakov – a high-mountain pasture. There are several kolybas (huts) where shepherds live in the summer – you can buy fresh cheese and vurda (boiled cheese made from whey and sheep’s milk) from them. In addition, in the meadow you can see such beautiful plants as edelweiss, violets, poppies and crocuses (of course, it is especially beautiful here when they are in bloom).

At the very top of Mount Khomyak stands a statue of the Virgin Mary. From there you can see an incredibly beautiful view of the Montenegrin ridge of the Carpathians – the highest mountain range in Ukraine. So, if you manage to choose a free day, climb Mount Khomyak, it’s worth it!

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Polianytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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