The development of tourist and sports infrastructure in Vorokhta began in 1894 when a railroad was laid here. The peak of the village as a resort and a center for some winter sports occurred between the two World Wars, at a time when the area belonged to the Second Polish Republic.

In 1922, the first professional ski jump in Poland was built in Vorokhta. In the same year, the Polish Ski Jumping Championship took place here, and it was won by Alexander Razmus with a result of 22 meters. Elzbieta Zentkevich participated in these competitions, one of the world’s first women to perform ski jumps. With a result of 12 meters, she became the unofficial champion of the competition.

After World War II, Vorokhta became one of the main training centers for ski jumpers in the Soviet Union. The Vorokhta training base for ski jumping was considered one of the best in the USSR.

The Vorokhta ski jumps were reconstructed three times: in 1955, 1973, and 1987-89. The artificial covering installed during the last reconstruction allowed for jumps even in the summer. Athletes from all republics of the Soviet Union and many foreign countries came to compete in Vorokhta.

Tourists came here not only for relaxation but also to witness this spectacular sport. Today, Vorokhta is a center for athlete training and hosting competitions in ski jumping and Nordic combined. The complex includes K-75 and K-90 ski jumps (the highest in Ukraine), and there is also a sports school for winter sports.

In 2020-21, the landing hill was reconstructed, and the artificial covering was replaced. The ski jumps complex in Vorokhta is one of the key “tourist magnets” of the community. Many tourists come here not only to watch experienced athletes jump from the ski jumps but also to experience it themselves – flying in the air for a dozen meters or more!

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Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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