Without a doubt, the Ukrainian Carpathians will enchant you with incredible views, picturesque nature and unique sights of folk architecture. Tourists who come to visit us on vacation in the village of Yablunytsya and stay in our guest house “Chillax” are advised to visit the city of Yaremche in the Nadvirna district of the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Locations – for every taste and preference!

For example, fans of gastronomic tourism will be pleased to know that not far from one of the most famous Carpathian waterfalls called “Probiy” in Yaremche you can visit the “Hutsulshchyna” restaurant-museum (this is only about 30 kilometers from our Chillax hotel). This establishment in Yaremche, built in 1965 according to the design of the famous Ukrainian architect Ivan Bondarchuk, is an authentic representative of folk Hutsul architecture.

When building this restaurant-museum, the architects sought to preserve all the traditions of local architecture and construction, therefore it is a log wooden structure, built without a single nail. Beautiful carved patterns adorn not only the walls, but also window and door frames, low hedges, and pointed turrets on the roofs. At the entrance, guests are greeted by wooden “hosts” – a Hutsul and a Hutsul woman in national clothes.

The conclusion suggests itself: anyone who would like to see the real embodiment of authentic local folk traditions and crafts in the Carpathians should definitely visit the Hutsulshchyna restaurant-museum. The building itself resembles a Hutsul hut of the 19th century (only very large in size). At the same time, the interior of the restaurant is completely designed in folk style.

Inside there is an authentic wood-burning stove, decorated with Kosovar tiles with original color designs, and Hutsul clay dishes on the tables. A characteristic element of the interior decor are handmade embroidered towels hung on the walls. In addition, on the walls you can see filigree wooden clocks with mechanical figures, masterpieces of weaving made from natural sheep wool and other elements of traditional Hutsul decor.

It is quite obvious that the restaurant’s menu is dominated by local cuisine: banush, kulesha (mamalyga), zaterka, mushroom soup (“zupa”), Hutsul borsch with white beets, Hutsul cabbage rolls, knysh, tsvikli, shukha, dewberry and much more. There is no point in describing all this – you have to try it all! Well, how delicious!

Near the restaurant-museum there is an observation deck overlooking the Prut mountain river flowing through Yaremche. Here you can admire the local landscapes, including the famous Probiy waterfall, located just 15 meters from the establishment. The water falls with a roar from a height of 8 meters, and the angle of its fall is almost 45 degrees! Can you imagine the spectacle?

So, if you visit the Hutsulshchyna restaurant-museum in Yaremche, you definitely won’t regret it!

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Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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