Many Ukrainians are in love with the Carpathians, and they return here to the mountains every year, not only on vacation, but also on weekends or during the holidays. Of course, those who have already been to the Ukrainian Carpathians are not at all surprised. Wonderful landscapes, clean air, pristine nature, wild animals and rare plants, as well as friendly locals cannot leave anyone indifferent.

Отдых в Карпатах прекрасен в любое время года

At the same time, everyone rests in different ways: some prefer long hikes through the forests and meadows alone, others – climbing high peaks in a large company or skiing and snowboarding, others – first of all, tend to visit all kinds of entertainment venues and attractions on the famous alpine skiing resort “Bukovel”.

Why is it worth going on vacation to the Carpathians?

Going to rest in the Carpathians is worth, at least, for several reasons:

  1. Firstly, it is, of course, the incomparable nature and picturesque views, which are beautiful in their own way at any time of the year!
  2. Secondly, beautiful landscapes will not only delight you with their beauty, but will also look gorgeous in photos – let your relatives, friends and colleagues envy you on social networks!
  3. Thirdly, the mountain air here is the purest, and you will finally be able not only to breathe deeply, but also to thoroughly improve your health!

A trip to the Carpathians in summer

Summer is a favorite time for lovers of long hikes in the mountains and forests, as well as on the plains. From the end of June to the end of August in Ukraine, not only is the holiday season, but the days are much longer. You can get up early, hike the sunrise trail, and return to your accommodation late at night to rest. Long summer days allow you not only to enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and warm weather, but also to take ambitious routes or slowly move to your destination without fear of getting lost somewhere at night.


Maybe someone during summer trips to the Carpathians, especially people looking for peace and quiet, will not like the crowds on the most famous routes, which are sometimes used by whole families and large companies. But this must be treated philosophically: after all, many people want to have a good rest! In addition, there is a wonderful way out: just deviate a little from the route, and you will immediately be left alone with nature – then enjoy the silence, which will only be disturbed by the sound of the wind and the singing of birds! Find out where and how best to relax in the summer in the Carpathians?

Winter rest in the Carpathians

Winter in the mountains must be treated with due respect, because winter mountain tourism is a sport for experienced people. When navigating the trails, you should always consider your skills, weather forecasts, listen to avalanche danger messages, equip yourself with the appropriate shoes, clothing and equipment. We wrote about winter holidays in the Carpathians in our blog, we advise you to read!


It is also worth remembering that the days are very short in winter, so the routes do not have to be long and difficult to get to your temporary home by nightfall. Of course, lovers of skis and snowboards come to the Carpathian mountains at this time. The ski lifts and slopes, which are well prepared for tourists, are safe and most suitable even for beginners. With a lot of snow and sunny weather, winter holidays in the Carpathians can be extremely successful, and we can talk about the winter season already at the end of November.

Autumn and spring in the mountains

Autumn and spring in the Carpathian mountains are also a great time for outdoor activities. The period from April to the end of June and from the beginning of September to the end of October is calmer, although the weather is sometimes unpredictable, and even in May it happens that, due to the risk of avalanches, it is impossible to go on more difficult routes. However, in spring, nature comes alive, the valleys turn green and full of flowers, and in autumn the surrounding landscapes amaze with their variety of colors.


During your spring and autumn hikes, you can expect empty trails and blissful silence, lower prices in restaurants and hotels, but you should also consider changing weather and always have clothes adapted to the current weather. Without daily checking the weather forecasts, you cannot go to the high mountains, and common sense is equally important on a sunny spring or autumn morning, as well as in a cold winter.

The best housing in the Ukrainian Carpathians

If you are going to go on vacation or for a weekend in the Ukrainian mountains, you probably first of all want to provide yourself and your companions with comfortable living conditions that will allow you to recuperate after long hikes or hours of skiing. Of course, there are many options here: from luxurious apartments in a 5-star hotel in Bukovel to multi-bed rooms in typical standard hotels and small rooms in private houses tens of kilometers from this resort.

We offer the golden mean: to settle in the guest house «Chillax», located in the village of Yablunytsya not far from Bukovel. Our room rates are very moderate, significantly lower than similar housing in Bukovel. At the same time, comfort and convenience, as well as catering at our Chillax hotel, are at a decent European level. Yablunytsya has everything you need for a wonderful, full-fledged rest at any time of the year, but if you want to have fun in the famous Bukovel, we will be happy to organize a transfer there!


The staff of the Chillax Hotel are waiting for you, and are ready to do everything possible to make your vacation in the Carpathians the most enjoyable event in your life!