With the long-awaited vacation approaching, many of us are faced with the dilemma of choosing the right place to spend the best time of a well-deserved vacation. Why is a trip to the Carpathians a great idea for a vacation?

Ukrainian Carpathians is always a good choice!


When you are going on vacation, you probably want to disconnect from your daily duties and work, have a great rest, gain new pleasant impressions, restore your strength and, if possible, improve your health. All this is possible in the Carpathians at any time of the year, especially in warm weather. A trip to the mountains is always a good choice, whether you are going alone, with your family or with friends.

Benefits of a holiday in the mountains

Отдых в украинских Карпатах

There are many benefits of outdoor activities in the highlands. In addition to the most beautiful views, seething waterfalls, healing air, the advantages of resting in the Carpathians include a positive effect on health and well-being, as well as the opportunity to visit a wide variety of attractions. Anyone who goes to the Ukrainian Carpathians during their vacation will never regret this choice, as this is a guarantee of a pleasant stay even for demanding people.

Breathe deeply: who especially recommends a holiday in the mountains?

когда лучше отдыхать в карпатах

If someone does not want to climb the mountain peaks, he can just walk around the area and enjoy the pristine nature. Hiking in the mountains and walking along the beautiful Carpathian meadows strengthens the joints and muscles, increases the volume of the lungs and hardens the body. A stay in the mountains will be especially appreciated by people suffering, for example, from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Allergy sufferers and people with various types of dermatitis will surely be pleased to know that the air in the mountains is completely free of any allergens and pollutants. Thanks to this, high-mountain trips will have a very positive impact on the health of our compatriots suffering from various types of allergies or skin diseases.

когда лучше отдыхать в карпатах

It is well known that the mountain climate contributes to the production of more red blood cells in the body. Therefore, for people with thyroid diseases, anemia, or other similar health problems, experienced doctors strongly recommend that at least for a while change their usual climate to the highlands. And where are the best mountains in Ukraine? Of course, in the Carpathians 😀

In addition, walking in the mountains for several hours increases the efficiency of the body and helps to increase resistance to infections. It’s also a good option for people who want to keep their bodies in shape by burning calories effortlessly. The body in the mountains is mobilized for intensive work and is better saturated with oxygen, which results in efficient fat burning – therefore, you have a great chance to lose weight.

Breathing mountain air is useful for almost everyone, and especially for those who live in conditions of constant stress. Natural hypoxic therapy (a method of treatment by inhaling air) helps to completely relax, it is easier to cope with chronic fatigue and nervous tension, and to establish a healthy and restful sleep.

когда лучше отдыхать в карпатах

Who else would benefit from being in the mountains? Tired, restless, nervous people and all those who just want to relax morally will definitely feel the benefits of hiking in the Carpathian mountains. Feasible physical effort, contact with nature, peace and quiet help to restore peace of mind and calm the nerves. Yoga in the Carpathians is the perfect yoga for body and soul, read in our blog 💚

Can being in the mountains harm someone?

Some people need to be careful before going high into the mountains. Why? If you are very sensitive to weather changes (suffer from meteopathy), then in the mountains (especially at high altitude) you may experience headaches, anxiety or general fatigue. All this happens due to fairly rapidly changing weather conditions and pressure drops.

Also remember: the higher you climb in the mountains, the lower your blood pressure will be, and this can also negatively affect your well-being. Hiking high mountain peaks should be avoided by people with serious heart conditions. It is known that high in the mountains the amount of oxygen in the air is reduced, which can cause chest pain or shortness of breath. If you have high blood pressure, you can quickly get tired and feel dizzy when walking on mountain trails.

Отдых в украинских Карпатах

Tip: if you have never hiked in the mountains before, then when you arrive in the Carpathians, first take a leisurely walk along a straight path in the foothills (of course, if you have serious health problems, be sure to consult your doctor first). In the vicinity of our village Yablunytsya, located at an altitude of about a kilometer above sea level, you will find many trails designed for people of different levels of training and even accessible to children of primary preschool age. Find out what sights you can see in Yablunytsya from our blog.

Why choose our guest house “Chillax” for accommodation?

Accommodation is an integral part of the holiday. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a good place where there are all conditions for a pleasant and comfortable stay. An ideal offer for those who want to improve their health, while enjoying peace and quiet, is living away from the center of the tourist bustle. And it is also very desirable that in the place of residence you can have a tasty and satisfying meal. And that all this (accommodation and food) was inexpensive.

Come to our beautiful village of Yablunytsya (which, by the way, is a high-altitude and climatic resort), settle in our comfortable Chillax hotel – and you will see that an ideal vacation in the Carpathians for very reasonable money is quite possible 😀