The problems of human health and the spiritual world are becoming more and more popular and relevant in the 21st century. Many scientists argue that in order to increase performance, you need to change the environment and force the brain to relax. An ideal option for relaxation, meditation and renewal of strength will be a yoga tour to the Carpathians with accommodation in the guest house “Chillax”.

The stunning beauty of the Carpathian mountains and the coniferous forest around will undoubtedly have a very good effect on your nervous, respiratory and cardiovascular systems, strengthen the immune system and improve the vitality of the body. Chillax’s modern and eco-friendly interiors will help you relax and rejuvenate. And yoga classes in the Carpathians will significantly enhance the positive effect!


Perfect yoga for body and soul

Vacation yoga is the best solution for those who are under stress and need exercise at the same time. The exercise complexes developed by Indian sages are a great way to improve your body, calm your mind and soul. Yoga can be practiced by people of almost any age, and its effects are varied: thanks to it, you will not only improve your body, but also feel a noticeable improvement in your health!

Practicing yoga in the bosom of the Carpathian nature, you can calm down, collect your thoughts and learn the secrets of self-improvement in complete harmony. Yoga in general has a very positive effect on the body, psyche and emotions, and therefore on human health and well-being. For many, yoga eventually becomes a way of life. Here are the most basic benefits of yoga.

йога в карпатах

Yoga has a positive effect on the spine and the whole body

Yoga exercises combine isometric muscle tension with stretching, lengthen the spine through active muscular work, increase joint mobility and eliminate muscle contractures. The lengthening of the spine due to muscle activation reduces the load on the intervertebral discs due to gravity.

Yoga poses with twists increase the mobility of the spine, engage the short muscles of the spine, strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen and back, massage the internal organs, which promotes better digestion and narrows the waist, forming a slim figure. With yoga, your muscles are toned and renewed.

By exercising regularly, instead of exerting ourselves, we feel pleasantly relaxed. Yoga increases the flexibility of the body, increases the range of motion, lengthens the tendons, ligaments and muscles, including those that are not used daily. Thanks to this, many of the negative effects that arise with a sedentary lifestyle are eliminated.


Yoga relaxes, calms the mind and relieves stress

Yoga practice helps to calm the mind. Other dynamic forms of movement activate the stimulating sympathetic nervous system, which causes increased adrenaline activity, increased heart rate, faster breathing, increased blood pressure, etc. Yoga exercises also lead to the activation of the parasympathetic system, so they effectively reduce stress levels, have a positive effect on hormones. Yoga classes often end with savasana – a posture of complete relaxation and recovery, which is so much needed by modern, busy and tired people. After yoga, the body and mind are pleasantly relaxed, without any tension.

Йога расслабляет, успокаивает ум и снимает стресс

Yoga supports metabolism, cleanses from toxins and provides a beautiful figure

Regular yoga practice, by improving oxygenation and massage of internal organs, speeds up metabolism and helps to lose weight and maintain a figure. It is also an easy and effective way to detoxify and detoxify. During exercise, when we stimulate the metabolism, toxins are removed from the internal organs much faster than usual.

Many yoga poses, such as the inverted one, accelerate the elimination of toxins, visibly affecting skin condition and reducing cellulite. In addition, yoga practice enhances the body’s sensations. Through a holistic approach to the body and the person, yoga has a positive effect on the perception of oneself and teaches to pay attention to the corresponding habits. The combination of exercise that improves well-being and brings joy with a healthy diet is the key to good health and a slim figure.


Yoga is an effective remedy for many ailments

Scientific research confirms that yoga, combined with breathing and meditation, can help reduce pain in people with cancer, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, and hypertension. During exercise, the blood and the entire body are better oxygenated. Oxygenated blood efficiently travels to cells throughout the body.

Even light yoga practice lowers your resting heart rate and helps bring blood pressure back to normal. The increased flexibility of the body relieves back and neck pain, menstrual cramps, and helps to cure rheumatism and other chronic diseases. Yoga prevents stiffness and numbness by keeping your body flexible, graceful and in good posture.

Йога - эффективное средство от многих недугов

Yoga oxygenates the whole body and boosts immunity

Deep breathing during yoga exercises and breathing techniques often used in yoga increases lung capacity and brings the person into a state of deep relaxation. By changing the nature of breathing and deepening breathing, we not only get oxygenated, but also calm down, reduce stress and learn to control our emotions. A body that is oxygenated, stretched, relaxed and in optimal condition has better immunity and is less prone to disease.

Йога насыщает кислородом все тело и повышает иммунитет

Yoga teaches to be here and now

Yoga helps to build a relationship between a conscious body and an open mind. During the exercises, controlling our breathing and carefully performing asanas, we focus on ourselves and in the present moment, which is very beneficial for peace of mind. Asanas are performed symmetrically on both sides of the body. We realize how important balance is both in our body and in everyday life. With each subsequent practice, we notice how the range of motion increases, which teaches us to be patient and strive to achieve our goals.

Йога учит быть здесь и сейчас

Yoga is for everyone, regardless of gender, age, weight and shape

There are many different types of yoga taught by different schools and teachers. So everyone can find something for themselves. Yoga practice takes into account the individual capabilities of each of us. Each body is individual, has a different range of motion, which is very important when doing yoga. Most asanas have options that allow even beginners or people with various medical conditions to perform them.

Yoga is an activity for everyone, regardless of age and weight. It can be practiced even during pregnancy, as well as with some injuries or illnesses (of course, in such cases, you should first consult a doctor). It is worth trying several different types of yoga in order to master the practices that suit your temperament and needs. All you need to start doing yoga is openness, some will, a yoga mat and comfortable clothes.

By the way, as for the rug, it is not always needed. When you go hiking or walking, it can even get in the way. Yoga offers many asanas that can be done without a mat, using whatever is at hand: benches, tree trunks, large stones, and other similar items. By incorporating these natural remedies into your practice, you get an added bonus: you unleash your creativity, which is beneficial not only for your yoga practice, but also for your daily life.

Йога - для всех, независимо от пола, возраста, веса и фигуры

What else to do while staying at the Chillax Hotel?

Chillax Hotel is a hospitable home that combines the traditions of Ukrainian architecture with the requirements of a modern tourist. This is a magical place to stay, perfect for people who value relaxation and want to get away from their daily worries. The Carpathian mountains surrounding the valley, along which hiking and cycling routes pass, are covered with pristine forest.

In winter, tourists, of course, prefer winter sports: skiing, sledding, snowboarding; in the warm season, they are attracted by green forests full of mushrooms and berries, a unique peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views from the mountain peaks. The gentler and less congested trails are ideal for family trips and leisurely walks.

Recently, Scandinavian walking has become more and more popular – it is a great way to keep muscles in good shape, this walking has a wonderful healing effect and promotes quick recovery from injuries. You can jog, and if you wish, ride a horse or ATV, play badminton, go fishing on the lake or go down a mountain river on a catamaran, visit attractions in Bukovel. There are many leisure options, it is simply impossible to list everything, every vacationer can choose an activity to their liking!

Meditation, relaxation, the perfection of the art of breathing, the sensation of warm sun rays, delicious vegan, Ukrainian and European cuisine, memorable hikes to the mountains Khomyak, Hoverla, Petros (Chornohora) – all this you can do by coming to rest in the ecologically clean modern guest house Chillax in the Carpathians, located near the famous ski resort “Bukovel”.

The Chillax Hotel in the village of Yablunitsya is a unique wonderful place where, having visited for the first time, you will surely want to come back here again and again!