In the village of Polianytsia, located next to the famous resort “Bukovel” (about 10 kilometers from our hotel “Chillax”), there are many different attractions. But perhaps the most original and creative of them is the Upside Down House – a real architectural miracle!

Just imagine: The house has a foundation, but it is on top; the roof is at the bottom, resting on the ground; when you enter the House, you find yourself in the attic, there is also a toilet there; you go up the massive wooden stairs – and there is the first floor. And you will walk not on the floor, but on the ceiling; at the same time, at the top you see a floor on which there are sofas, a bed, armchairs, a stuffed fox and even apples on the table. The “real Hutsul” chair attracts special attention from all visitors.

Don’t be afraid that any of these items will fall on your head, because they are all securely fastened! But all this is so unusual that even your brain will not believe your eyes! Many tourists who visited the Upside Down House say that they felt as if they were in another space and another dimension! And what masterpiece unique photos you get here!

Experience for yourself what it’s like to walk on the ceiling!

Where is located

Polianytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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