The single-cascade waterfall Maiden’s Tears is located on the mountain river Zhonka, which is the left tributary of the Prut. You won’t be able to get close to this waterfall by car – you need to go here along one of the marked tourist routes starting in Yaremche. From our Chillax hotel you need to drive about 30 kilometers and walk a few more kilometers (the distance depends on the chosen route).

Depending on your physical capabilities and the presence of children, you can choose either a simpler and easier route, or a more difficult one. In any case, you will get great pleasure not only from being near a real miracle of nature – the Maiden’s Tears waterfall, but also from a hike through the coniferous-beech forest (if you are there in the appropriate season, you can pick up a lot of mushrooms and berries along the way). Note that all this is located on the territory of the Karpatsky National Nature Park.

The easiest way to get to the waterfall from the center of Yaremche (from the train or bus stations) is the route in the direction of the food market, as a reference point you should choose Grushevskogo Street. Next you need to drive (or walk) along the same street in the direction of the enclosure. There are signs along the entire route (blue marked route).

Next to the enclosure there is a parking lot – you can get to this place by your own car, then you will have to travel along the route on foot. By the way, if you’re here, we recommend visiting the animal enclosure farm. Here, in conditions of relative freedom, peacocks, pheasants, eagles, and other various species of birds are kept, and in spacious enclosures you can see deer, wild boars, roe deer, hares, foxes and many other animals.

As for the waterfall itself, it is not high (about 2 meters), but it amazes with its extraordinary beauty. There are several ancient legends telling about where such an unusual name came from – “Maiden Tears”. According to one legend, the waterfall was formed from the tears of a young girl who lost her lover. And according to another legend, an evil witch charmed a beautiful girl, and her tears will not dry until a brave young man is found who will fight the witch.

Legends are legends, but this waterfall is truly a place of amazing beauty, where thin streams of the purest transparent water are combined with fancy threads of green algae, which really resembles streams of girlish tears. Visit here, and who knows, maybe you will be able to see the silhouette of an evil witch reflected in the water, or the image of a charming girl who has been shedding her tears for hundreds of years!

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Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

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